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What We Offer

Historical Data

  • Every exchange worldwide
  • Equities, Options, Futures, News, Events
  • Historical Tick, Bar data, End of Day and Calendars
  • Realtime datafeeds (coming soon)

Data Access

  • Monthly fees to access years of data
  • One GUI, CLI and API
  • R, Matlab, Python, Java and .Net libraries
  • Ondemand data from multiple data partners

QuantGo Cloud

  • Private and secure cloud
  • Your computer instances
  • Built on the Amazon AWS Cloud
  • Unlimited computing power

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How It Works

Quant Researches and Traders

All the world's historical market data immediately available from multiple data vendors with one API, CLI and GUI. Integrated libraries for Matlab, R, Python, Java and .Net. Your own computer instance(s) in the clould. Affordable monthly prices. Leverage theunlimited computing power of Amazon cloud.

Hedge Funds And Firms

Get immediate access to the world's historical data and daily updates. Do not let your research be constrained by cost of buying or maintaining historical data. Extend your existing network to include a customized QuantoGo secure and private cloud with your own virtual computer instances. Scalable, secure and cost effective.

how it works

Data Partners

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QuantGo has 1000s of Data Services. Please select a country to see a list or click here for the full Data Services search.

Our Clients

Roger Hunter
We have been using QuantGo for a few months for our historical research and it has proved affordable and successful.

Roger Hunter
Quant Researcher at QTS Capital
Sergey Ikonnikov
QuantGo has allowed me to access the data for simulating my options and equities trading strategies. I have been able to scale as needed.

Sergey Ikonnikov
Quant Trader

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