About Us

We are a team of quant reseachers and developers dedicated to making the world's market related data easily accessible and affordable so our clients can focus on their alpha research.



Lead Data Developer

Yuri started his career as a Forex trading platform Java developer, then became a senior developer building high-frequency trading platform for US stocks. This evolved into writing and building algorithmic trading strategies. Currently he is the lead developer for trading and market data. Outside of the office Yuri can be hard to catch as he likes fast German cars, smoking tires and pushing hard at a gym.


Lead Core Developer

Nicholas is a full-stack engineer with a passion for the markets and technology. He likes python, cats, traveling, good music and learning. Unusual for a developer he gets his reward when people try what he has built and they like what has been done…so he feels his time was not wasted!


Front End Developer

Front-end developer with passion for open-source web technologies. Eugene has been working for about 6 years in web development area trying himself on a different positions: front-end, python programmer, full-stack. His aspiration to visual perfection and functional usability brought him to QuantGo. In a free time he likes to study ethnography, master his martial arts and enjoys cooking.


Security and Architecture

Chris has many years experience building secure and scalable market data and trading infrastructures. Deep expertise in ensuring systems are secure against external and internal threats while still being scalable and manageable. Outside of work he enjoys the water…be it swimming, diving or boating.

Farid Razzak

Quantitative Analyst

Farid is a doctoral student concentrating on the convergence of finance and technology with a focus on data mining and quantitative research. Prior to returning to academia, he was quantitative professional in the financial services industry for many years.  While pursuing his Phd, Farid is engaging in technology and quantitative research projects for QuantGo.   Farid enjoys travel to tropical destinations,  watching American football, and being a New Yorker.

Hao Zhong

Quantitative Analyst

As a doctoral student with an extensive computer science background, he is focusing his research on data mining and quantitative analysis. He gets excited about learning new things and being involved in providing solutions for real world challenges . With great passion while pursuing his Phd, he is also doing quantitative research projects at QuantGo. When not working or researching, he finds himself enjoying basketball, billiards and being a techie.