QuantGo gives you the research infrastructure of a top investment bank without the capital investment and ongoing support costs. You have access to the world’s historical market data, news and events combined with unlimited computing power.

Data. QuantGo has worldwide tick data, bar, end of day, news and corporate events from almost every exchange and country. For example, you can access 5 years of French equity historical tick data for $250 per month.

Free Demos. Try out a Data Service using the demo symbols to download real historical data before subscribing.

One API. There is only one API to access all QuantGo’s Data Partners. QuantGo provides all the tools you need, including an open source GUI, command line application and raw socket API. Get started immediately with the easy to use GUI and then progress onto the command line or direct connection to the API.

Libraries. There libraries for Matlab, R, Java and Python.

Private and Secure Cloud. Each client has a Virtual Quant Lab(“VQL”) in which you can launch and run as many computer instances as you need. Corporate clients can create a hybrid cloud by extending their network to the VQL with a VPN and get their VQL customized (for example a hadoop cluster).

Scalable. The QuantGo platform provides your own private and secure cloud built on top of the Amazon cloud infrastructure with on-demand access to the world’s historical data. You can scale from one computer instance to 100s for large scale computation.

Access. Remotely login into your computer instance(s), resize and start/stop as you need. With a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can extend your network to include your QuantGo private cloud. Manage your QuantGo computer instances from the QuantGo web console or command line.

Unlimited Data. With each Data Service you have access to years of data, for example AlgoSeek’s Trade and Quotes (TAQ) is $250 per month for accessing 5 years of historical data.

Pay-as-you-Go. Subscribe only to the historical data you need now. Only pay for the computing power you need now.

VPN. For firm clients, QuantGo can customize the Virtual Quant Lab to meet your needs including secure VPN access, clustering, hadoop, etc.

Custom Solutions. QuantGo can customize your private cloud as required.

Data Partners. QuantGo is partnered with leading Market Data firms to deliver you their data. When subscribing to Data Services through QuantGo all data must stay in your secure and private cloud and we have technology in place to notify us if client is trying to take Partner Data out.

QuantGo VQL Cloud Infrastructure