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We are an advanced technology company devoted to delivering text news and multimedia with guaranteed reliability in formats that make content instantly usable and searchable. We serve the news, digital publishing and financial services communities, which depend on the speed of our delivery service, our reliability, our 24x7 support, plus our ability to handle multiple formats and delivery options.

Our specialty is news and other time-sensitive content - acquiring it from publishers and distributing it to corporate servers, websites and end users with near-zero latency and pinpoint filtering. We are the industry's most technically-sophisticated media delivery service for aggregated content.

AlgoSeek focuses on institutional historical intraday data for the US Markets. Our goal is to provide the highest quality intraday data for research that can meet the needs of the most demanding high frequency trader to the quant needing intraday bar data.

AlgoSeek provides historical data for Equities, Options and Futures.

For clients who want to buy their US historical data, we can deliver your data on disk or via FTP. Please goto www.algoseek.com to contact us and mention QuantGo.com

Copp Clark is the authoritative source for holiday reference data relating to global financial markets. In today’s unpredictable and fast-paced markets, it is essential to know when holidays occur and how they impact financial markets.

Copp Clark data is compiled entirely by our research group from primary sources only, meticulously researched and verified from source. That’s why some of the largest organizations around the world look to Copp Clark for a reliable, cost-effective solution for accuracy and service that is second to none.

Copp Clark’s products and services will save you time and money spent on internal resources, eliminate risk related to inaccurate data and increase your profits. Visit www.CoppClark.com for more information about our market holidays and trading hours reference data.

Founded in 1994, Exchange Data International (EDI) is a global and focused data provider specialised financial information to the back and middle offices of banks, stockbrokers (broker/dealers) and other financial institutions globally. For the last 20 years, EDI has been providing customised data sets and ad-hoc feeds for corporate actions, pricing and reference data covering more than 180 exchanges spread over 130 countries.

EDI is an innovative company which puts great effort in building value-added solutions that enable clients to increase operational efficiency whilst reducing risk and data cost.

We have built the first commercial big data platform for financial data. Offered as cloud services and managed platform this solution is disrupting financial data management practices and providing untold new opportunities to exploit financial data.

TickSmith’s platforms are offered as cloud services and managed platforms to provide specific solutions to participants in the brokerage and trading ecosystem, from exchanges to financial institutions, vendors and regulators. We have customers, partners and prospects using our platform in the following capacity: Distribution portal and analytics tools for exchanges, data vendors and trading networks, management and analytics on trade histories, repository of data for backtesting, compliance repository and analytics, portfolio analytics, and more. Currently, the largest data set we manage contains over 1 Petabyte of data.