Launch and Manage Computer Instances

Control, manage and launch your instances from Instances Console page. Launch instance with any Operating System and choose size of virtual computer instance. Start, stop and terminate instances.

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Subscribe to Data Services

Select the Data Services you want access to inside your VQL. Start and Stop subscriptions.

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Login Into Instance

Login into your Windows or Linux instance.

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VQL Instance Same as Your Local Computer

Your remote instance(s) in the VQL are the same as having them locally but with all the advantages of on-demand data combined with scalability and flexibility of the cloud. You can still use multiple monitors to one remote instance. Do everything you would on your local computer(s) but on VQL instance with immediate access to any data you want.

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Service GUI Data Download

Immediately download data for subscribed Data Service(s) with the Service GUI. Download one day or date range, single or list of symbols, download to single file or automatically into multiple files by day or symbol, structured and unstructured data. Service GUI java source code is part of install package, so you can review code if needed.

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Service CLI for Data Download

Download data from command line or script with python Service CLI. Alternatively you can write your own code to use the Data Service API.

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Manage VQL and Instances From Your Computer

QuantGo CLI enables management of VQL and Instances from your desktop via command line or script. Use it to start, stop, reboot and terminate instances…for example, launch multiple instances and manage them for parallel computation.

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